Monday, August 22, 2005

Idänkalvaspaju Värriöojan varressa - Salix hastata ssp. subintegrifolia

Värriöojan varressa, pitkospuureitin yläpuolella kasvaa pajupehko, joka on todennäköisesti idänkalvaspajua, Salix hastata ssp. subintegrifolia - vai onko?

This willow bush grows at a small creek of Varrio-oja, upstream near to the Varrio track. The species is apparently the eastern Salix hastata ssp. subintegrifolia - or is it?

This identification is undoubtedly correct. I saw (and collected) ssp. integrifolia in hills east of Kolari some years ago.
This subspecies is rare and north-eastern in Norway, whereas ssp. hastata is widespread, mainly in mountains and at the coast of North Norway.

Torstein Engelskjøn
Head of Botanical Department, Tromsø Museum
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